Botox/Dysport/Nuceiva – Neuromodulators

Lines, wrinkles, and creases on your face make you look tired and old, which in turn makes you feel that way too. Skincare products and makeup can no longer hide these signs of ageing.

You work hard. You dedicate most of your time to taking care of others. Now, it’s time to take care of yourself. Our highly experienced physician is here to accommodate you. After all, you deserve to be taken care of too. We never oversell or push treatments on to you that you don’t need and we are always transparent about pricing.

A simple Botox, Nucieva or Dysport or Nucieva treatment can change your face for the better. You’ll look refreshed and brighter. Imagine how much better you’ll look and feel without:

  • horizontal forehead lines
  • vertical creases between your brows (glabellar lines)
  • outer eye creases (crow’s feet)
  • droopy eyelids
  • vertical wrinkles on your lips (smoker’s lines)
  • a smoother neck
  • Hyperhydrosis
  • smothening of masseter
  • chin dimple
  • Bruxism
  • Nose bunny lines
  • smile lines(depressor anguli oris)
  • Migraine headache
…and so much more! Our patients are often amazed by how much an improvement a single, quick treatment can do for their appearance.

There have been many studies proving the effectiveness of Botox and Dysport. One 2016 study found that patients enjoyed a significant reduction of wrinkles after their Botox treatment over 4 months. Results remained consistent from the first to sixteenth week after their treatment. That’s why, in general, we recommend a touch-up treatment at 4 months to keep you looking great! (Botox and Dysport aren’t a permanent way to smooth away wrinkles. They both achieve temporary results.)

Nuceiva is marketed as a “next-generation” neurotoxin and is said to have a more pure and precise formulation. It is also reported to have a faster onset of action and may last longer than other botulinum toxin type A products.

Botox Nuceiva and Dysport help delay ageing in 15 minutes, without downtime

The natural ageing process causes our skin to change…for the worse. Every time we make a facial expression, or even eat, drink, or speak, we form wrinkles. This is because repetitive movement of the muscles causes our skin to crease, leading to prominent lines and wrinkles. It only gets worse with age.

Yes, ageing is a natural process, but you don’t have to surrender to its effects!


Injectable Wrinkle Smoothing and Facial Contouring

Treatment Time

15 – 30 minutes


Topical numbing cream or icing if necessary


Minor redness, swelling and bruising


In a week or two


Botox, Nuceiva and Dysport are FDA approved purified proteins that are known as neuromodulators.

NEUROMODULATOR neu·ro·mod·u·la·tor
n. a substance that affects the transmission of a nerve impulse but isn’t the means of transmission on its own

So, when Botox or Dysport is injected into a targeted muscle, it affects the nerve impulse of that muscle by temporarily weakening it. This means that the muscle is unable to contract as much. When your brain tells the muscle to move, it will do so mildly or not at all (depending on the dosage of Botulinum toxin injected.)

You can say that there is “freezing” of the targeted muscle, though it’s not by temperature. Instead, it’s by botulinum toxin. “Freezing” can be from minimal to moderate depending on the type of look you want.

One clear advantage of Dyport over Botox is that patients see results quicker. Dyport takes effect on average 2-5 days after injection as compared to 4-7 days with Botox. Both drugs are thought to function exactly the same, by blocking nerve signals to the muscles. Although Dysport contains a smaller molecule size and different chemical variation of botulinum toxin which accounts for its faster rate of onset. Studies show that Dysport starts to act within 24 hours of injection, and can last up to 6 months in some cases! Dysport acts as an anti-ageing substance. Use it to reduce skin wrinkles and as a preventative measure to avoid wrinkles from forming or worsening.


It’s a good idea to know how Botox, Nuceiva and Dysport work, because then you can figure out if it’s right for you. Getting insight into Botox treatment will bring trust & transparency, which are important. So, how does Botox Treatment work?

Let’s look at your muscles first.

Muscle contraction is the primary cause of wrinkles on your face. Blame it on Acetylcholine.

Botox, Nucieva and Dysport essentially work on your nervous system. They prevent Acetylcholine from being released.

When Botoxor Dysport or Nuceiva is injected into your facial muscles, it blocks a set of signals that arise from the nervous system. The Acetylcholine chemical is one of them. All the signals that Botox or Dysport blocks are directly or indirectly linked to your muscle contraction.

As it blocks those signals from arising, muscle contraction can’t occur, which in turn, keeps the overlying skin smooth. It’s that easy.

If you have wrinkles that are visible, even when you’re not moving your face, then Botox or Dysport may not be right for you. Those wrinkles, known as “static” wrinkles, are better treated with dermal fillers. Often, our patients find a combination of Botox & Dysport and dermal fillers is best to wipe away all the wrinkles they want to get rid of.

Top uses of Botox include the following:

  • Smoothing out frown and forehead lines
  • Ironing out crow’s feet (lines around the eyes) to create a relaxed appearance
  • Creating a subtle lift of your eyebrows to open up your eyes, making you look brighter
  • Softening chin dimples
  • Smoothing away vertical lines along and just above the lips (smoker’s lines)
  • Turning up the corners of the lips to prevent marionette lines, and make you look like you’re not frowning all of the time
  • Softening an overly angular and prominent jawline by relaxing oversized masseter (jaw) muscles
  • Lip flip – gently turning out the lips to make them look fuller and more luscious

But did you know Botox Nucieva and Dysport can do more than erase wrinkles?



STOP Excessive sweating – Hyperhidrosis with Botox and Dysport

Do you sweat too much?

Dysport or Botox can successfully eliminate excessive sweating.

What causes hyperhidrosis? Eccrine sweat glands are particularly numerous on the feet, palms, face, and armpits. When your body is overheated, when you’re moving around, when you’re feeling emotional, or as a result of hormones, nerves activate the sweat glands. This is how you sweat. When those nerves overreact, it causes hyperhidrosis.


Teeth Grinding and Migraine Headaches

Temporomandibular (TMJ) syndrome is a medical condition that causes pain in your jaw. It is often caused by grinding of teeth, especially during sleep or at times of stress. Botox and Dysport can effectively treat TMJ by relaxing the jaw muscles, so you no longer grind your teeth.

A migraine is known to be a very undesirable throbbing headache. It usually impacts one side of the head and can lead to feelings of nausea and an increased sensitivity to light or sound. Some may experience migraines several times a week where others can experience the excruciating headache every few years.

Although, the exact cause of migraines is unknown, medical experts suggest that it is a result of temporary changes in the chemicals, nerves, and blood vessels in the brain. For people who are prone to migraines they usually associate the triggers to the start of their period, stress, fatigue, or certain foods or beverages. Genetics can also play a role when it comes to the various factors attributed to migraines.

Chronic migraines can be controlled with Botox and Dysport treatment. After the Botox injections are completed, it may take up to 10-14 days or longer to feel relief. If the first session does not help your migraine symptoms, then additional treatments may be needed for the Botox to become effective.


So, what are the major benefits of Botox injections? Why do people trust this treatment when it comes to getting rid of aging signs? Well, checkout the answers below.

Natural Results: This is one of the most important benefits of Botox treatment. You get natural results from this treatment. This implies that your beauty is enhanced in a natural way.

Quick Treatment: This treatment takes only a few minutes. Hence, you need not invest several hours or an entire day to get this treatment. Just a matter of a few minutes, and you can return to your routine life.

Long-Term Results: What better than enhancing your natural beauty for the long term? Well, Botox does provide you with that. You get long-term natural results from this treatment with Botox injections. Hence, your investment in this treatment is absolutely worth it when comes to the timeframe of results.

Flexibility: You can customize the Botox treatment with your doctor. Yes, be it the areas of getting this treatment or the number of units, you can customize several aspects of the treatment. Of course, you will require approval from your doctor here. But, very few treatments allow customization flexibility, and Botox is one of them.


The entire treatment takes around 15-30 minutes. There are no restrictions after that. You can continue with your routine immediately afterward. How great is that?

Once you complete the treatment, it takes around 2-3 days for you to see the results. Those wrinkles will soften and then disappear from your face whenever you make facial expressions. The time frame for the results to show may vary between 2 to 5 days. The full results might take 2 weeks to see. So, please be a bit patient.

The results last for around 3-4 months for the first three treatments. Once you get regular treatments performed, you can enjoy results that last 6 months or more!

After that time, Botox, Nuceiva and Dysport start to wear off. That means the wrinkles that disappeared may start reappearing. Fear not – a touch-up will eliminate those wrinkles once again.


Some key takeaways that you need to keep in mind after taking this treatment are as follows:

Avoid Alcohol: Kindly avoid alcohol for at least 48 hours after you take this treatment. Alcohol causes the blood to get thin and makes bleeding or bruising worse.

No Touching: Please don’t touch the area where you received the Botox treatment for at least 24 hours. Touching it can cause undesired effects and increase the risk of infection.

Avoid Exercising: We recommend not exercising for a couple of days after getting a Botox treatment. You can carry on with light activities but avoid doing rigorous exercise. This will help reduce swelling and bruising if you have any.

Appointments: Don’t wait to book your appointment with us if you feel that the side effects are taking a long time to fade away. We’re here for you, so if you have a concern please let us know and we’ll help resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Don’t Panic: Some side effects like redness or soreness are completely normal. If you experience them, don’t panic and wait for a couple of days at least to let them fade. Please remember to not use any gel or cream to get rid of these side effects. If they don’t, contact us to get the appropriate advice.

We have been delivering positive results for a while now. Extremely reliable, and extremely cost-effective, the treatment also comes with the luxury of no or rare side effects. You deserve a wrinkle-free face, and we can help you to achieve it. With Botox treatment, we provide you a natural way to get rid of wrinkles at our Botox clinic in Winnipeg.


What product do you use in your Botox clinic/what brands are the best in the market?
We use Botox, Nuceiva and Dysport at our clinic. All are FDA approved and Health Canada approved. Botox, manufactured by Allergan, was the first neuromodulator in the market. Dysport, by Galderma, was first formulated by medics. Galderma also manufactures Restylane, a dermal filler. Nuceiva®, Canada’s newest and most advanced neuromodulator formulated by Clarion.
How is the hyperhidrosis treatment done?
Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. Tiny injections of Botox & Dysport are administered to the affected area (typically the armpits are palms), taking between 10-20 minutes to perform.
Why choose Hyma Aesthetics for your Botox treatment in Winnipeg?
Our Physician is very experienced, trained & well equipped for medical non-surgical treatments like Botox.

We don’t use a “one size fits all” approach and so you’ll receive personalized recommendations.

We don’t use Botox to give you an artificial look. Rather we use it to enhance your natural features.

We provide honest advice to our clients.

These are some of the reasons clients trust us and come to us. We provide a free consultation. Call us at 204-918-9446 to book our Botox treatment services.

How many units Of Botox do I need?
We’ll let you know how many units would achieve your desired results during your consultation.
What happens during the Botox procedure?
We will inject a very small amount of purified botulinum toxin into the targeted area. This injection temporarily relaxes the targeted muscles, causing fine lines and wrinkles to diminish. The effect lasts approximately 3 to 4 months. It can last last even longer with regular treatments.
What does a Botox injection feel like?
A Botox injection feels like any other injection. Our doctor will numb the target area with a topical anesthetic if necessary to make your Botox experience ultra-comfortable.
Is Botox treatment painful?
Injections can always be a little uncomfortable, but the needles we use for Botox treatment at our Hyma Aesthetic clinic are extremely tiny. Sometimes, the pokes are barely even felt and each poke just lasts for about a second.
Is there any downtime after Botox Treatment?
This is the perfect lunch hour remedy as there is no downtime. The treatment takes about 15 minutes.
Does Botox involve any surgery or anesthesia?
Botox treatment is a non-surgical skin treatment method. Treatments can be performed within minutes and require no anesthesia. Topically applied numbing cream can be administered if needed.
Am I eligible to get Botox Treatment?

You are eligible to get Botox Treatment if you are 18 or above and healthy.

However, please refrain from this treatment if you are:

  • Pregnant
  • Your facial muscles don’t react well with injections
  • Suffer from any disease related to the nervous system
  • Have any skin allergies or infection.
Will I lack facial expressions after Botox treatment?
At Hyma Aesthetics, we believe in helping our patients look as natural as possible. We will inject just enough to appropriately weaken and relax the targeted muscle area without overdoing it or affecting any other muscles. This injection strategy allows our clients to maintain their natural facial expressions. Botox therapy does not affect your ability to feel whatsoever.
When is it safe to have another treatment?
It is safe to have another Botox treatment or a touch-up appointment when your skin concerns return once again. Usually this is after a few months. Repeated Botox treatments will extend your results.
What are the possible side effects?
Any side effects that you develop from your Botox injection will be very mild and temporary, and can include swelling, redness, soreness, mild bruising, mild headache, and muscle weakness. Very rarely, you may experience botulism poisoning, including problems in, swallowing, or speaking or breathing.


If only we could make our Botox results last forever – what a beautiful dream. Unfortunately, we can’t, but there are ways that we can extend the shelf life of our treatment and get the most from our Botox treatment, and the best bang for our buck.

What to Do Immediately After Your Botox Injection

Do not touch your treatment area! However, gentle movement can help the Botox settle in nicely. Immediately after your injection, you may be asked to do some gentle facial exercises to help the Botox spread and evenly distribute through the target area. This allows your Botox treatment to work faster and prolong your beautiful results.

What to Do Within 24 Hours of Your Botox Injection

Once again: Do not touch your treatment area! We strongly recommend that you do not touch the treatment area for at least 24 hours following your Botox treatment. For the first couple of days, exfoliation is your worst enemy – do not expose your skin to any kind of dermal abrasion, no matter how gentle. Also, refrain from sleeping on the treatment area for at least one to two nights immediately following the treatment. We also recommend avoiding exercise for a few days following your treatment.


Drinking lots of water not only keeps wrinkles away, but it really helps to maintain your beautiful Botox treatment. You should also ensure that your skincare regimen includes hydrating products, such as hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid will enhance hydration, reduce inflammation and slow the process through which your body naturally breaks down the Botox. 


If you take proper care of your skin, you can really extend the benefits of your Botox treatment. Your skin care regimen should be moisturizing and hydrating. Your skin care should also contain ingredients that stimulate collagen and elastin production and protect your skin from free radicals. Antioxidants such as Vitamin C protect skin against damage from sun and pollution. A stronger, healthier skin helps prolong the effects of Botox. 


Fun fact: Overexposure to the harsh UV rays from the sun can actually reverse the benefits of Botox. It is critical to always wear SPF when you are out in the sun. Use a high-quality broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin. Try to avoid the outdoors during peak afternoon hours, and be sure to always wear sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat.


A healthy body leads to healthy skin. That is why we always recommend that clients follow a healthy, balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. Limit your intake of processed, packaged and sugary foods in your diet. These things cause inflammation, which can wreak havoc on your skin. Stress can negatively affect the body in many ways. Surprisingly where it shows up the most is on the skin. High stress situations release hormones which accelerate the aging process, resulting in signs of ageing being very apparent on your face. Avoid stress where possible with stress relief techniques like meditation, mindfulness and yoga.


The most important way to ensure that you have amazing results from your Botox treatment is to consult a qualified, expert aesthetic medical injector, like one at our Hyma Aesthetics. This will ensure that your treatment results are the most ideal, which will prolong and extend your results.

We make sure that we do a thorough research of your medical history before proceeding with this treatment. We help you achieve results that make you better, not overdone and fake.

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