Derma Fillers


Injectable Volume Replacement, Wrinkle Smoothing and Facial Contouring

20 – 45 minutes

Topical numbing cream or icing if necessary

Minor redness, swelling and bruising


We use our faces to see the world, and the world in return sees us first through our faces. Your face reveal the years you have lived, generations of genetics and family history, and all of your good (and bad) lifestyle habits. But then age and lifestyle habits start to appear in the form of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin, hiding your features.

With all those wrinkles and sagging skin, what does your face say about you?

Does it say that you’re tired, angry, frustrated and worn out all of the time, even when you’re feeling great?

It’s time to reclaim your true, best face, before all of those issues started to appear.

Dermal fillers are a safe and effective non-surgical treatment to reduce the signs of ageing, including sagging skin, loss of volume, and fine lines. If you’ve noticed these signs of ageing on your face and body, we understand that it can make you feel less youthful, less confident and less happy. Cosmetic injectable dermal fillers are a safe and effective way to help reverse these signs of ageing dramatically with minimal risk and invasiveness. They can also increase your confidence! This has been proven by science – studies indicate that cosmetic procedures can improve body satisfaction, quality of life, and psychosocial function.


Here’s the science behind dermal fillers:

Dermal fillers contain one key component: hyaluronic acid, which is naturally produced by our body. Hyaluronic acid attracts water, making skin look hydrated and bouncy. Through the natural ageing process, the body’s hyaluronic acid content decreases, making the skin appear saggy, less bouncy, and less firm. Dermal fillers help replenish the hyaluronic acid in the skin, hydrating it, enhancing skin volume and filling in wrinkles, scars and other skin irregularities.

HA Dermal fillers are injected in the skin in those areas where you need to restore wrinkles, loss of volume, soften creases and improve facial contours. Injectable Dermal filler is a very affordable & effective non-surgical treatment method to look younger. No surgery & no downtime!

The consistency of the gel used in dermal filler treatment may be thick of thin depending on the facial area being treated. Products like Restylane Silk® and Ryfine have a thinner consistency and find their application for fine lines around the lips and under-eye area treatment. Eye lite by Restylane is specially designed for under eye fat loss give tired look. While thick gels like Juvederm Voluma®, Teoxane RHA 4 and Revanesse outline are best used for cheek augmentation treatments.

Our talented physician will recommend a dermal filler product based on your needs and based on the target issue you wish to address. Depending on these factors, the consistency of the gel used in the dermal filler treatment may be thick of thin.

Temporary Dermal Filler: The ingredients of these fillers are bio-compatible and absorbed by the body. This is the reason that the results from these fillers look so natural. Hyaluronic Acid is a very common ingredient in temporary fillers. HA is a naturally occurring substance in the human body that serves to lubricate and moisturize. Juvederm and Restylane are two of the most popular temporary fillers.

At Hyma Aesthetics, we offer the following dermal filler brands:

  • Juvéderm®
  • Restylane®
  • Radiesse®
  • Teoxane®


Dermal Filler for the Face

Decreasing the appearance of creases and wrinkles across the forehead, around the eyes and on the cheeks. Improving the look of smile lines (nasolabial folds) and marionette lines (around the mouth and chin) Restoring the cheekbones and creating a natural lift and contouring effect to facial structures Restoring/contouring the jaw line and diminishing jowls.

Dermal Filler for Under Eye/Tear Trough Filler Treatment

Wondering if there is any Tear Trough Filler service provider near me? Well, the Hyma Aesthetics Under Eye Filler & Tear Trough Filler might be your destination. Look at the insights of the services we provide and thus making your under-eye skin beautiful and revitalizing.

Decreasing the saggy appearance of bags under the eyes, leading to a refreshed appearance Awakening tired looking eyes due to an exaggerated “tear trough” area Replenishing volume in the under-eye and tear trough area, restoring youthfulness to the face.

You can count on our physician to ensure a professional under–eye treatment and thus giving your under-eye skin a refreshed and charming look.

Also our physician does a thorough study on the problem areas under your eyes and advises the best treatment for the same. Our team takes pride in helping patients get rid of every under-eye problem with the utmost efficiency and with no/minimal side effects.

Thus, you need not look any further if you are looking for a reliable Under Eye Filler & Tear Trough Fillers treatment in Winnipeg. Hyma Aesthetics has all the bases covered for you.

Dermal Filler for the Lips

Defining the vermillion border (outline of the lips) to provide a natural lift and contour
Adding volume, texture, and structure to the lips to give that extra pout (no “duck lips” included!)

Dermal Filler for the Chin

Building up and defining the structure of the chin Slimming the chin to create a “V-line” face shape. This creates a softer, more feminine appearance.

Widening the base the chin to masculinize the shape of the chin.

Wondering about Chin Filler Treatment Cost in Winnipeg? Our prices are very competitive. Thus, with our services, you can stay assured your chin filler treatment won’t trouble your pockets.

Dermal Filler for the Jawline

Defining and strengthening the jawline
Enhancing masculization or feminization of the jawline depending on your needs

Adding a more youthful appearance to the face

Diminishing the look of jowls

Dermal Filler for Hands

Dermal fillers are not just for the face! Dermal fillers are also very popular for hand rejuvenation, and are used to reverse signs of ageing in the hands. You may have noticed the development of skin sagging, folds and wrinkles on the backs of your hands – we can help with that. The dermal fillers used for hand rejuvenation include hyaluronic acid. The most popular and most recommended dermal filler for hand rejuvenation is Restylane Lyft and Vital which are hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler.

Our medical expert at Hyma Aesthetics can remove years off your hands!

Enhance the look of your hands & reduce signs of ageing which includes loose tissues Hands that lack firmness, brown spots or prominent veins or wrinkles.


Primary benefits of Dermal filler treatment are as follows:

Long-Lasting Results:

Our medical specialist is trained to use the best-performing products to meet (and exceed) your specific needs. The Dermal fillers at Hyma Aesthetics procedure is safe, with minimal risks, and incredibly long-lasting.

Quick Results:

Dermal fillers require a very short recovery time – almost always, you can immediately go right back to work or to your social life! Many of our treatments can be easily scheduled over your lunch break, and you can immediately return to the office.

Naturally improved appearance:

Dermal fillers give you the opportunity to naturally restore and refresh your youthfulness with very minimal side effects (if any). The skilled medical skin experts at Therapeutic Aesthetics are committed to helping you enhance your appearance, give you a young and fresh look, and to enrich your confidence.

Safe Process:

Dermal fillers treatment is safe and risk-free. However, there are some mild side effects such as redness, swelling, and itching – but this will fade over a few hours, lasting at most just a couple of days following your treatment.


Dermal Fillers can help treat:

  • Loss of volume in the cheeks, lips and jawline
  • Thin lips
  • Under eye hollows and tear troughs
  • Reshaping the chin, lips and jawline
  • Eliminate marionette lines (located on the side of the mouth)
  • Reduce Nasolabial folds (located on the side of the nose)
  • Loss of volume the temples
  • Ageing hands, including volume loss, spots and/or prominent veins
The cost of this service will be determined at the time of consultation, depending on your particular needs and your desired look. You can book a free consultation with our expert medical team to learn about how dermal fillers can transform your skin. Don’t forget to ask us about our packages and promotions for other facial treatments and dermal fillers.
Hyna Aesthetics is a leading Medical Spa in Winnipeg. Our medical expert is exceptionally well-trained in the art of non-surgical facial treatments, including dermal fillers. This procedure is very popular among our Winnipeg patients because it is a non-surgical treatment that allows you to achieve instant, beautiful results without the downtime that comes with surgery.


How long do facial and dermal fillers last?

This depends on what procedure is done, and what type of filler is used, as well as your own unique body. Generally, the effects of fillers can last around 6 to 12 months or longer

Are there any side effects for dermal / facial fillers?

After the injection, you may experience mild and temporary side effects, including bruising, redness, and swelling. This is completely normal and not a cause for concern. These side effects will last up to two days at the most.

Is there anything we can do after injection if we do not like it or if there is asymmetry?

In the rare event that you don’t love your results, we can administer hyaluronidase, a natural enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid, the main component of the dermal filler.

How do I ensure the effects of my dermal filler treatment last longer?

We recommend that you avoid sun exposure and care for your skin with a good cleaning regimen.

Are there any risks associated with injectable dermal fillers?

While most of our clients do not have any allergies or adverse effects after using dermal fillers, we will perform a skin test before proceeding with the injection, for your own safety, and so that you don’t have to worry about any possible risks.

What is the cost of undereye Dermal Filler treatment?

The cost of this treatment varies according to your specific needs and the extent of treatment you require. To get an exact treatment price quote, please book a complementary consultation with our expert medical team.